West Virginia Office of Drug Control Policy creates interactive dashboard to track overdose impact

West Virginia seeks to shine a light on the darkness of overdose with a new Overdose Data Dashboard that reveals the impact of substance abuse on communities and reveals those areas most badly affected.

“The public can now access this important information at the touch of a button,” Office of Drug Policy (ODCP) Director Bob Hansen. “We encourage public health professionals, emergency service directors, hospital directors, law enforcement, drug intervention agencies, legislators, and researchers to visit the site.”

Created by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), ODCP, the online display’s end goals are both to raise public awareness and identify those places that would most benefit from additional efforts, such as quick response teams or the launch of new drug intervention programs. All data is gathered from DHHR’s Office of Emergency Medical Services, as well as hospital emergency departments.

The program grants extensive statistic filtering, allowing the public to search by county level, age group, month, day of the week a suspected overdose occurred, medical treatment received, outcomes of said treatment, as well as any use of naloxone. Data displayed currently includes all suspected overdose cases responded to by Emergency Medical Services and those which resulted in emergency room visits.

Plans are already underway to add data about overdose facilities and naloxone administration as well.