Trump administration seeks $35.7B for domestic and international drug control efforts

Trump administration seeks $35.7B for domestic and international drug control efforts

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released its annual National Drug Control Budget this week, calling for a $94 million increase to counter-drug efforts in 2021.

In all, this would leave $35.7 billion split between two major pillars of drug policy: $18.6 billion for prevention and treatment efforts and $17.1 billion for domestic law enforcement, interdiction, and international drug control efforts. These would apply to activities in 14 departments and agencies, the Federal judiciary, and the District of Columbia.

“The FY 2021 budget request sends a strong message that, although we’ve seen signs of real progress, the Trump Administration will not let up in our efforts to save American lives,” ONDCP Director Jim Carroll said. “Whether it is going after drug traffickers, getting people struggling with addiction the help they need or stopping drug misuse before it starts, this budget request ensures our partners will have the resources needed to create safer and healthier communities across the Nation.”

As part of the larger National Drug Control Strategy, this budget aims to address and balance numerous aspects of the drug crisis. This includes $1.6 billion for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s State Opioid Response Grants to help governments respond to opioid troubles, more than $9 billion for the Department of Justice to maintain community programs, investigations, prosecutions and more, along with $3.4 billion for drug operations undertaken by the Customs and Border Protection.