Grants aid mental health, drug safety initiatives

Grants aid mental health, drug safety initiatives

The not-for-profit AmerisourceBergen Foundation has expanded its scope of supporting health-related causes through an initiative in which the group will aid 25 organizations implementing mental health and drug safety programming.

The endeavor, which stems from the Foundation’s Opioid Resource Grant Program, involved the grants being reviewed by the two External Advisory Committees (EACs) and awarded to organizations to focus on youth and family education, provider support, and community-based learning development.

“Our most complex and pressing community health challenges require solutions that are as multi-faceted as they are,” Gina Clark,
AmerisourceBergen Foundation president, said. “At the Foundation, we believe we must provide our youth and families, providers, and communities at-large with the resources needed to engage collectively in prescription drug safety and promoting mental health.”

Clark said working strategically with partners who are embedded in their communities allows the Foundation to leverage resources to create the greatest potential impact, whether through research-informed best practices, programming, or education.

As a means of the expanding the Foundation’s belief in sustaining early intervention programs for youth and families, officials said
the initiatives chosen highlight the importance of caring for mental health while also integrating youth prescription drug safety resources with services dedicated to educating parents and families about risk factors exposing youth to hazardous behaviors.