Plan would help prevent youth suicides in Michigan

Plan would help prevent youth suicides in Michigan

A plan recently introduced in the Michigan state House would make it easier for suicidal youth to get help.

The Save Our Students plan, introduced by Rep. Andrea Schroeder (R- Oakland County), would require schools that issue student identification cards in grades 6 through 12 to include crisis and suicide prevention hotline telephone numbers.

Districts would select which number to include. It could be a local, statewide, or nationwide suicide prevention hotline. The plan also encourages schools to display the hotline on their websites and buildings.

The plan applies only to schools that already issue student identification cards. Schools that do not issue them would not be required to begin doing so.

“When a child takes their own life, the grief strikes families and entire school communities with a sense of loss that’s hard to fathom,” Schroeder said. “It’s heartbreaking to realize this is happening more and more in Michigan and across the nation even though our schools and parents are working hard to educate our students on the importance of mental health awareness.”

Also included in the plan is a requirement for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to provide information to schools related to suicide prevention, depression, and anxiety.