Cochrane review collection aims to help people stop smoking

The World Health Organization has said tobacco smoking is a specific risk factor for COVID-19, and second-hand smoke increases the risk of acute respiratory infections.

Cochrane, a tool designed to enhance healthcare knowledge and decision making, has created a collection of reviews to assist those who want to stop smoking.

The reviews focus on interventions that are possible while social distancing limits people’s face-to-face contact with health practitioners and includes information on quitting gradually, behavioral support, and nicotine replacement.

The information will help smokers to maximize their chances of success, Cochrane said.

“Cochrane is helping to build up the evidence base for those healthcare workers and policymakers working on the COVID-19 global response,” Karla Soares-Weiser, Cochrane editor in chief, said. “We have a series of special collections being produced and shared with global decision-makers. Smoking during the pandemic is associated with risks of contracting coronavirus and complications arising from it. this collection is particularly helpful for people looking to give up smoking and those helping others to give up.”

Cochrane also has created collections relevant to COVID-19, including preventive measures, infection control, and critical care.