California addiction-treatment center offering medication-assisted treatment

California addiction-treatment center offering medication-assisted treatment

Door to Hope, a Salinas, Calif., based mental health and addiction-treatment nonprofit organization, is offering medication-assisted treatment for people older than 16.

Medication-assisted treatment helps patients reduce instances of relapse by managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It is used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Door to Hope is one of a few providers in Monterey County offering the treatment to adolescents. Treatment is provided under the guidance of an X-Waivered Pediatrician and Board-Certified Addiction Medicine physician.

“Along with the rest of the world, Monterey County is in the midst of a pandemic and the use of alcohol or other drugs to cope with problems, relieve stress, as well as overcome boredom is not uncommon; however, they are short and temporary solutions with long-lasting consequences,” Chris Shannon, Door to Hope executive director, said. “It is more imperative now, as we see substance use increasing, that we respond with tactical and proven clinical services like medication-assisted treatment for youth and adults in Monterey County.”

Door to Hope also provides teletherapy and traditional in-person treatment, can prescribe medication-assisted treatment, and accepts admissions and assessments for all levels of care.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has heightened its cleaning and screening procedures and is practicing safe-distancing guidelines.