BridgeHealth partners with online mindfulness app

BridgeHealth partners with online mindfulness app

BridgeHealth has announced it will partner with eMindful to help patients working through elective surgery delays while hospitals deal with coronavirus patients.

As part of the preparation for an influx of COVID-19 patients, hospitals, and healthcare systems across the country postponed elective surgeries. This move has left tens of thousands of patients dealing with the stress of an ongoing health issue and no expected surgery date or definite plan.

To help, BridgeHealth, a provider of surgical advocacy and centers of excellence programs, will provide its customers with access to mindfulness programs at no extra cost. Partnering with eMindful, a provider of live virtual mindfulness solutions, the surgical advocacy group will offer specific programs to its more than one million members.

“We know that elective surgeries often don’t feel elective to the individual, and a delay such as the one created by COVID-19 can be devastating,” BridgeHealth President Jamie Hall said. “We have a decade of firsthand knowledge of the pain and stress encountered by those for whom an elective surgery is critical. That’s why we’re excited about our partnership with eMindful; it allows us to further support our members when they need help most.”

Programs available will include Living Well with Chronic Pain, a non-pharmacological pain treatment program, and Stress Less, Live More, that helps users lower their stress levels and cope with everyday life.

“As procedures are prolonged, and opioid misuse continues, we need alternative methods to manage pain and associated costs,” eMindful CEO Mary Pigatti said. “By partnering with BridgeHealth, we are addressing this critical need and helping individuals cope as they await their elective procedures.”