Vaping e-liquids company to produce first hand sanitizer batch


Monster Vape Labs, a Florida vaping e-liquids company, will deliver more than 500,000, 2- ounce spray bottles monthly of hand sanitizer starting this week, its parent company Westman Products said.

It may also start producing an 8-ounce deskside pump sanitizer.

Half of the company’s 36,000-square-foot liquid manufacturing facility was converted in March to manufacture the sanitizer for healthcare professionals, first responders, and others. The facility will produce hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Westman said the conversion is a unique opportunity to focus on the business and its future.

“We’re working hard to compete with Purell, big pharma, and other manufacturers, like LVMH,” Chad Twiggs, Westman chief marketing officer, said. “Without scaled supply chain costs and volume, it’s tough, but we are committed. We are, thanks to our facility, flexible by design. While there’s no indication that Clean Hands 24/7 and non-branded sanitizers will be tenured brands – we want everyone to know that everything produced by Westman Products is of the highest quality.”

Westman’s chemist formulated Centers for Disease Control hand-sanitizer standards, and the company has obtained the necessary registrations and accreditations needed for its product.

The company also made available Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliant Safety Data Sheets.