Partnership will identify substance-use patients’ unmet needs

Partnership will identify substance-use patients’ unmet needs

Swedish pharmaceutical company Orexo, and Lyfebulb, a patient empowerment platform, have formed a partnership aimed at identifying the needs of substance-abuse patients that are going unmet because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partners also will work to create solutions for the successful, long-term recovery of alcohol and opioid use disorder patients.

The first step will be in-depth patient research to understand current patient issues and areas of unmet needs. The second step will allow patient-led companies in the early stages of development to pitch recovery solutions to a panel of experts.

This step is called the Innovation Challenge for Patient Entrepreneurs, and companies potentially could collaborate with Orexo.

“Orexo’s long-standing presence in the substance use space has enabled us to understand the complexity of addiction and how grossly underserved these patients are.” Mikaela Odlander, Orexo director of Digital Therapeutics, said. “The treatment of substance-use disorders, such as alcohol misuse or opioid addiction, requires a multi-faceted approach. Whilst we are making great strides in addressing this through our ventures in digital therapeutics, we are aware that many opportunities remain unexplored.”

The partnership supports Orexo’s step into digital therapeutics for opioid and alcohol addiction.