Webinar to discuss pain relief program

Webinar to discuss pain relief program

Harvard Medtech will be hosting a one-hour webinar Wednesday, May 27, at 7:00 p.m. (EST) to discuss the Tele-PainCare program.

The program uses holistic and organic healing instead of, or in conjunction with, prescription pain medication and surgery. It blends virtual reality technology with behavioral and social health interventions, allowing physicians to managing patients’ pain remotely.

The program helps patients treat chronic pain by retraining the brain using corrective, behavioral science exercises combined with predictive coding in its virtual reality technology.

The program is quickly being adopted by health insurers, providers, and employers across the United States for its clinically validated outcomes, according to Harvard Medtech.

“The (Harvard Medtech) solution is unlike any other treatment,” Harvard Medtech said on its website. “The company does not use needles, drugs, or surgery. Rather, we rely on evidence-based, protocol-driven products, and services using FDA-registered proprietary medical equipment with many years of research demonstrating their success. The value of our whole-person approach to health involving care in the patients’ home is evidenced by hundreds of testimonials from patients who say things like, ‘I got my life back!’”

Physicians interested in attending can register through the webinar’s Zoom link.