Google, NAMI partner to create anxiety tool


The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Google recently launched an anxiety self-assessment tool.

The tool will be available to anyone in the United States who does a web search on Google on anxiety. The user will have access to the General Anxiety Disorder-7 clinically-validated questionnaire. After completing the survey, the user will be directed to Google to NAMI resources.

The questionnaire is comprised of seven questions that assess a person’s symptoms to determine whether they should seek the help of a mental health professional. Its purpose is to direct people to resources and improve their understanding of anxiety. The tool does not diagnose anxiety.

NAMI and Google have previously partnered to provide Google users with self-assessment tools for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Both tools also provide information and links to resources.

NAMI and Google partnered to provide these tools because people use the Internet to research mental illness. It also sometimes takes people years before they seek treatment. NAMI hopes that people will seek treatment earlier if they are provided with accurate information and useful resources.

Anxiety disorders have both emotional and physical symptoms and are caused by biological factors and a trigger event.