ASAM, CARF launch addiction treatment certification programs

ASAM, CARF launch addiction treatment certification programs

On Monday, CARF International and the American Society of Addiction Medicine launched a nationwide addiction treatment certification program.

The certification, the organizations said, will reshape addiction treatment by providing an independent assessment of a treatment program’s ability to deliver ASAM level of care services.

CARF is accepting applications for certification from addiction treatment programs, while ASAM is offering resources to treatment programs that are interested in improving their services and attaining certification.

Certification would give patients, their families, payors, and regulators confidence that a given treatment program can provide evidence-based addiction treatment matched to a patient’s need, a critical component in overcoming the challenges of addictions.

Additionally, the certification would encourage the standardization of addiction care across the nation.

“CARF is proud to partner with ASAM to launch the ASAM Level of Care Certification. We look forward to seeing the powerful and positive impact the certification will have on standardizing addiction treatment for all patients with substance use disorders,” said Michael W. Johnson, managing director for Behavioral Health at CARF. “By setting standards for validating capacity to deliver various levels of care in addiction treatment, the certification will benefit all those involved in addiction care, from patients and their families to health professionals and insurers.”

The certification will be available to treatment programs within the Level 3 portion of the ASAM Criteria continuum of care – residential and in-patient treatment programs. The groups plan to extend the certification to other levels of care, adolescent programs, and enhanced care setting in the future.

Certifications are valid for up to three years, at which time programs may reapply to maintain their certification status.