California university awards pilot grants to mental health projects

California university awards pilot grants to mental health projects

The University of California at Davis’ (UC Davis) Behavioral Health Center of Excellence recently awarded pilot grants to three projects that improve mental health and can be launched into a large-scale project.

The program was created to benefit projects that enhance mental health care in California. Grants are for each year-long project and in amounts up to $25,000.

“This is seed funding for three stellar proposals,” Cameron Carter, the center’s director, said. “Our goal is to help position UC Davis faculty and researchers so they can compete for funding. These projects also are designed to strengthen our collaborations with community, regional and statewide partners.”

The grants were awarded to UC Davis’ Center for Neuroscience, Family and Community Medicine, and an Emergency Medicine resident physician.

Timothy Hanks, assistant professor of Neurology, and co-investigator Johannes Hell will study the underlying mechanisms for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric condition in children, to develop novel treatments.

Alicia Agnoli, assistant professor of Family and Community Medicine, will investigate the risk of dose reduction for patients that are prescribed long-term opioid therapy.

Philip Summers, an emergency medicine resident physician, will address a lack of adequate training among health care providers who care for patients with substance-use disorders.