Marijuana use in pregnant women may cause sleep problems in kids

Marijuana use in pregnant women may cause sleep problems in kids

Women who smoke marijuana while pregnant may cause sleep problems in their kids, a new University of Colorado Boulder study found.

The study looked at the sleep habits in kids, and the marijuana use in their mothers while they were pregnant.

Currently, the study said, while alcohol consumption and cigarette use in pregnant women is down, marijuana use is up 7 percent. Additionally, many marijuana dispensaries are recommending marijuana use as a cure for morning sickness.

“As a society, it took us a while to understand that smoking and drinking alcohol are not advisable during pregnancy, but it is now seen as common sense,” said senior author John Hewitt, director of the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at CU Boulder. “Studies like this suggest that it is prudent to extend that common-sense advice to cannabis, even if use is now legal.”

Published in Sleep Health: The Journal of The National Sleep Foundation, the study used baseline data from the “Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development” (ABCD) study, which is following 11,875 9- and 10-year-old children into early adulthood. The study asked the children’s mothers whether they had ever used marijuana while pregnant and to assess their children’s sleep patterns ranging from how easily they fell asleep, how long they slept, and whether or not they snored or woke up frequently in the night.

About 700 of the mothers reported using marijuana while pregnant; 184 used it daily, and 262 used it twice or more daily.

“Mothers who said they had used cannabis while pregnant were significantly more likely to report their children having clinical sleep problems,” said Evan Winiger, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the study’s lead author.

Those who used marijuana more frequently reported symptoms of excessive sleepiness such as trouble waking in the morning, and being excessively tired during the day.