IRISYS announces sub-cutaneous implant to treat opioid use disorder

IRISYS announces sub-cutaneous implant to treat opioid use disorder

IRISYS, a San Diego pharmaceutical company, announced Monday it will be providing contract development and manufacturing services to BioCorRx pharmaceuticals for the development of a sterile naltrexone implant for treatment of opioid use disorder.

The implant, called BICX102, is a sub-cutaneous implant and would help prevent relapse following opioid detoxification. It could also be used in treating alcohol use disorder, the company said.

The two companies previously worked together to manufacture a biodegradable extended release implant that provides therapeutic naltrexone plasma levels for up to 90 days. The two companies believe that an opioid treatment implant would be a powerful tool in combating opioid use disorder as it would eliminate patients not taking their medication.

“Ending the opioid crisis is about having several options available for doctors and their patients. There is no cure, but certain treatments work better for certain patients. When it comes to BICX102, there is a void in the market for an FDA-approved naltrexone product that lasts multiple months after one administration. This is important as patient non-compliance is a huge issue with addiction treatment,” Brady Granier, CEO of BioCorRx, said.

The implant, a biodegrabable pellet, would be inserted into the fatty tissue of the patient, typically in the lower abdominal region, in a minor procedure, the companies said. Currently, IRISYS is in the formulation and scale-up phase of manufacturing.

“At IRISYS we expect to grow with BioCorRx. As BICX102 advances through the regulatory process to commercial manufacturing, we will be there to support their team in bringing BICX102 to the market,” Robert Giannini, president, and CSO/CTO of IRISYS, said.