Washington state files lawsuit against vaping company

Washington state files lawsuit against vaping company

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson recently filed a lawsuit against E-Juice Vapors, a company that marketed vapor products containing nicotine to young people.

Ferguson accused the company of failing to comply with age verification requirements that are intended to prevent underage customers from purchasing vapor products online. Age verification has been required by Washington law since 2016.

In addition, according to the lawsuit, E-Juice Vapors refused to comply with the attorney general’s investigation and never received a license from the state to deliver vapor products.

The lawsuit seeks to obtain financial penalties for unlawful sales and block future sales.

“I worked with public health officials and a bipartisan group of elected officials to ensure we have strong age verification requirements for online vapor sales to youth,” Ferguson said. “My office’s investigation revealed that E-Juice Vapors put profits over the safety of its customers and completely ignored these requirements. We will hold E-Juice Vapors accountable for breaking the law and putting youth at risk.”

The attorney general’s office began an investigation in December. Investigators were able to purchase one of E-Juice Vapors’ Candy King line products online without verifying age or submitting any identification.

The product was delivered approximately two weeks later.