New Jersey to integrate health record systems

New Jersey to integrate health record systems

New Jersey will be investing $1.2 million to integrate healthcare systems, making it easier for healthcare professionals to identify residents vulnerable to opioid addiction.

The New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program (NJPMP), an electronic database that collects information from pharmacies on the dispensing of controlled dangerous substances, will be integrated with electronic health records and pharmacy management systems.

The Division of Consumer Affairs operates NJPMP. It creates a record of a patient’s full prescription drug history, targets treatment to at-risk patients, and mitigates the risk of potential abuse or fraud by patients who obtain prescriptions from multiple providers.

The integration will include patient risk alerts to ensure that patients are not being overprescribed opioid pain medications. It also means prescribers and pharmacists will not need to log into the NJPMP website because the integrated system will automatically generate the patient’s controlled substance prescription records.

“Our goal is for NJPMP checks to become a routine component of health care, like checking a patient’s weight and blood pressure, that providers rely on when making plan of care decisions,” Sharon M. Joyce, New Jersey Coordinator for Addiction Responses and Enforcement Strategies director, said. “By providing for the integration of the NJPMPM database electronic health records and pharmacy management systems statewide, we have taken an important step toward that goal.”