AAMC urges Trump to allow Biden-Harris Administration access to federal pandemic efforts

AAMC urges Trump to allow Biden-Harris Administration access to federal pandemic efforts

On Monday, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) urged the Trump administration to allow the Biden-Harris transition team to access the federal government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus.

The organization, which represents teaching hospitals, physicians, and other health experts, said the Biden-Harris transition team members need access to information now so they can plan for decision-making in the future.

“The unprecedented scope and magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis has necessitated a wide-scale response from the federal government, from securing supplies and equipment for health professionals as hospitals activate their surge plans, to supporting state and local officials as they develop guidance for local businesses to operate safely, implement testing plans, and deploy potential countermeasures as quickly and efficiently as possible,” the group wrote.

The organization said that seamless information exchange about vaccine distribution is critical to a comprehensive and equitable program, as is the incoming administration’s understanding of how the federal government monitors and addresses shortages of supplies and equipment.

“As winter approaches, new cases and hospitalizations are reaching new highs around the country, and models predict continuing exponential growth as well as increases in deaths,” they wrote. “To contain the pandemic and guard against its further spread, it is essential to ensure that the federal government is maximally prepared at all times to levy an unflinching response. Insights into the efforts underway today will be critical to inform decision-making in January and beyond that will affect everyone in the country.”

The AAMC represents health care professionals and health systems, as well as scientists most involved in the day-to-day struggle against COVID-19. We know there is not a moment to spare as the virus rages, the organization wrote.

“Connecting current members of the administration with members of the Biden-Harris transition team would guard against lapses in the national response moving forward and amplify and expand the current administration’s work with additional expertise at a time when we need a collective, unified effort,” the group wrote. “We urge the current administration to enable members of the Biden-Harris transition to begin formal participation in the federal government’s COVID-19 planning without further delay.”