Partnership aims to help smokers quit

Partnership aims to help smokers quit

Blue Shield of California (BSC) recently partnered with the Truth Initiative’s EX Program to help BSC’s more than 4 million members quit smoking.

The EX Program is a digital tobacco cessation program designed for employers, health systems, and health plans. It combines planning tools, medication support from tobacco treatment specialists, and digital coaching.

The program also includes resources for parents who want to help their children quit vaping and cessation support for e-cigarettes.

BSC members will have access to the program through the BSC digital health platform Wellvolution. Members who are fully insured through a BSC plan will have free access.

“Joining the Wellvolution network of best-in-class health-management and wellness tools is a natural fit for us because providing on-demand access to clinically proven resources has always been a critical component of our quit-tobacco offerings,” Jenn Gendron, Truth Initiative Head of Development, Innovations, said.

Nationwide, 49 million people use tobacco. A total of 60 percent of e-cigarette users and nearly 70 percent of smokers want to stop.

The Truth Initiative is a national public health organization dedicated to ending tobacco and nicotine addiction.

More than 895,000 people have joined the EX Program. People who have participated have a four times greater-than-average chance of quitting.