Mantra Health launches managed care program for mental health of college students

Mantra Health launches managed care program for mental health of college students

On Monday, Mantra Health announced that it is launching a managed care program to help colleges and universities offer mental health services for their students.

The collaborative, closed-loop mental health program will use telehealth to provide students with evidence-based mental health treatment regardless of their physical location or ability to pay. The new system, the health care provider said, will make it easier for schools to staff high-quality mental health providers that can work flexibly via telehealth.

“Increased college student demand for mental healthcare contrasted with an on-campus shortage of providers is creating appointment wait times of up to several months. Meanwhile, off-campus referrals to local providers are expensive, inconvenient for students, and sometimes simply not available, especially at schools outside of major metropolitan areas,” said Ed Gaussen, CEO and co-founder, Mantra Health. “These issues are posing a serious health risk to students. Schools need a quick and easy way to ramp up access to effective mental health treatment while being kept in the loop on the progress of their students. That is what our new Managed Care Program offers.”

Between April and June of this year, rates of moderate to severe mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, rose considerably amongst college students. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a quarter of young adults between 18 and 24 reported having seriously considered suicide, a significantly higher rate than other demographics. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the nation’s shortage of mental health providers, potentially putting college students at risk.

Penn State, St. John’s University, and Moravian College join Mantra’s list of schools offering the mental health program. The program lets students access mental health services on-campus, where providers track their progress through the Mantra Collaboration Portal. Additionally, the program provides students with patient advocates who proactively reach out to students providing them with the encouragement and social support they need to stick with treatment.

“Mantra’s Managed Care program introduces a new paradigm for collegiate mental health. By empowering on-campus providers with relevant treatment information and collaboration tools through our collaboration portal, we leapfrogged community providers and transactional telehealth options by delivering integrated, higher quality care,” said Matt Kennedy, co-founder and COO of Mantra Health. “The ultimate beneficiary of our Managed Care program is students, who also have the option of continuing their mental healthcare with Mantra during summer and after graduating through our flexible payment options.”