Organization holds annual meeting focusing on public health

Organization holds annual meeting focusing on public health

The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA), in conjunction with the Alcohol Justice, held its fifth annual summit virtually over three days earlier this month.

CAPA pursues advocacy and policy change regarding alcohol-related health and safety issues.

Each day of the summit had a theme: equity, alcohol injustice; COVID-19 and alcohol; and social justice-informed policy. Nearly 300 public health experts and advocates attended.

“Rising to overcome the challenges of COVID, this year’s summit was an exciting success,” Richard Zaldivar, Alcohol Justice board chairman, said. “CAPA has developed an intersectional approach to alcohol policy that has earned the respect of public health and safety-minded activists and lawmakers throughout California. We look forward to supporting CAPA’s continuing participation in crafting public policy that places community health and safety over alcohol industry profits.”

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health director, and California State Assemblymember Tom Lackey acknowledged CAPA attendees in video messages.

“Even though COVID made it impossible to come together physically with activists from throughout the state, we were still able to celebrate past CAPA victories and plan new strategies,” Gilbert Mora, CAPA co-chairman, said. “The virtual turnout produced unexpected moments of deep insight and inspiration. CAPA is ready to move forward with confidence and strength to demand social justice in public health in California.”