Prescient Medicine Holdings announces rebranding

Prescient Medicine Holdings announces rebranding

Prescient Medicine Holdings, an insights-based health tools company, recently announced it has rebranded itself SOLVD Health.

The new name, the company said, better reflects its mission to provide preventative health solutions that combine genetics-based patient insights with cutting-edge technologies.

“As we drive toward commercialization of our two breakthrough tests for opioid use disorder and colon cancer, we believe the time is right to evolve our brand to reflect the current and future potential of our innovation platform,” Dr. Keri Donaldson, SOLVD Health CEO, said. “At SOLVD Health, our goal is to create much-needed predictive and actionable health insight tools and make them available to healthcare providers and their patients.”

The company uses a technology called Patient Intelligence to provide insights before symptoms occur to prevent people from becoming patients, Donaldson said. The process turns biological signals into patient data. These insights can be used to make better health decisions.

Two of the company’s products include a test to analyze a person’s microbiome to detect colorectal cancer and precancerous adenomas and a test to identify people at increased risk for opioid use disorder before they are prescribed oral opioids.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted both tests the Breakthrough Device designation.