Companies violating Washington’s age verification law to pay $132,000


Five companies in violation of Washington state’s age verification law will pay Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office $132,000 and have entered legal agreements to change their advertising and online sales practices.

The companies are Northland Vapor, based in Moorhead, Minn., $7,000; WOV, based in Castle Rock, Colo., $20,000; Local Vape, based in Henderson, Nev., $25,000; VanVal Vapor, based in Spokane, $30,000; and Zenith, based in New York, $50,000. Funds will go toward continued enforcement.

The attorney general’s office already has or plans to file lawsuits against two additional companies for violating the law. It filed a lawsuit against E-Juice Vapors, based in California, for failure to report sales to the state, and plans to file a lawsuit against Vaping Zone, based in South Carolina, if the company and the state do no reach a resolution.

“Parents are working hard to combat the youth vaping epidemic, but it can be a challenge,” Ferguson said. “That challenge becomes more difficult when companies don’t respect the rules. Companies that sell vapor products in Washington must follow our laws.”

The office’s investigators targeted 148 online sellers of vapor products and discovered seven illegally sold products. Investigators posed as minors or used false identifying information to attempt to make purchases.